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April 2014
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Learn to cast a fly rod

Fly Casting Essentials

I recently rediscovered this gem of a DVD by Carl McNeil “Casts That Catch Fish” the links below are excerpts from the DVD and show you the 5 Fly Casting Essentials . You will see that Carl has a way of explaining the principles that are both accessible and easy to apply, I bit the [...]

Catch and Release

Catch and release is critical for sustainable trophy fishing

Catch and Release – “Let it GO, Let it GROW” Most of us love the thrill of fishing and do it as a pass time, not for subsistence and to continue doing this, we need to have good practices in place. To ensure the fish we catch get a chance to grow and fight us [...]

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fly fishing for carp

Fly fishing for carp, Why I target carp on the fly

Yes I am one of those who enjoy fly fishing for carp. Not too long ago I was standing at Trout Hunters in Krugersdorp looking intently into the brown muddy water and a well meaning Pap- Swaier (Conventional line fisherman) walked past and seeing my fly rod, he could not imagine that I was fly [...]

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RIO Products Makes It Easy For Anglers To Choose The Perfect Fly Line

Phone me or drop me a line for pricing and availability. September 3, 2013 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, announces the release of a series of short, educational films designed to help consumers choose the best fly lines for their individual needs. RIO Products is a company [...]

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Getting started in fly fishing

Getting started in fly fishing what you need to know

Getting started in fly fishing? Let us explain some of the jargon that you will be faced with, as well as what you need to get started. You can fly fish just about anywhere – still-waters, rivers and even the sea! There are plenty of Trout fisheries in the country and many other river venues [...]

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Fly-fishing has changed !

Totally plagarised from Xplorer, thought this was very good and had to share it. Over the past twenty years Fly-fishing has changed its image from being an old school gentleman’s sport. Fly-fishing for trout on chalk streams or bobbing about in reservoirs dappling for trout in old tweed deer stalkers and a cloud of smoke [...]

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