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January 2018
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fly fishing South Africa

Welcome to The South African Urban Fly Fishing Blog. Focusing on fly fishing South Africa

We realize that we are not the only South African fly fishing rescource, and support others that you should visit such as : Tom Sutcliffe , flyloops.net and UltimateAngling to name a few, there are many more, and they are all great resources for fly fishing South Africa.

We would like to equip you with as much information on fly fishing South Africa as possible. We will be covering subjects such as: fly casting; fly tying and; fly fishing. We are here to help equip you for your journey in fly fishing, and are eager to take the trip with you. With the vast amounts of blogs and other material out there in the world wide web, covering all aspects of flyfishing, we aim to make ours a little different, more focused if you like.

Freshwater fly fishing is not just trout fishing. We target as many species of fish possible in our local waters , Urban Fly Fishing so to speak. We agree that the trout is a great fish to target however we would love to get you into a Small Mouth Yellowfish or Large Mouth Yellowfish, Carp, Bass, Kurper and Barbel on your fly rod as well. With all these species now available to you seasons are no longer an issue, when the waters are too warm for the trout it’s a sure thing that the Yellows and Carp are on the bite. There are many waters close to your doorstep to fish, and most likely you are unaware of them.,We would like to discuss this with you and get you fishing as much as possible. The reason we are publishing The South African Urban Fly Fishing Blog is because we want to, no have to share this passion. We would love to learn from you and hope that we will be able to answer most of your questions. We realize there are are a lot to learn about fly fishing South Africa and we are as exited about that as you.

If you are interested in getting more involved in the Urban Fly Fishers family why not join one of our fly tying evenings where you will be able to speak to speak to all kinds of fly fishing enthusiasts and share this passion and camaraderie . We hope the information we provide on The South African Urban Fly Fishing Blog will equip you to target and catch the fish of your dreams.

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review by Ken Quick Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks

Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks review by Ken Quick I recently received samples of the much anticipated Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks and immediately tied a few fies on them. I used them on the Vaal and Crocodile rivers, and I love them! I landed a lot of Smallmouth Yellowfish and Mudfish on the Vaal and some […]

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Tying the perfect knot

Tips to Tying Better Knots a.k.a Tying the perfect knot

Knot tying – is tying the perfect knot at all possible? On May the first I participated in the Oxbow Estates May Day competition. After the event during the various post-mortems I listened to, one common theme became apparent, the number of fish lost due to snapping off at the knot. I decided that sharing […]

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Getting started in fly fishing

Getting started in fly fishing what you need to know

Getting started in fly fishing? Let us explain some of the jargon that you will be faced with, as well as what you need to get started. You can fly fish just about anywhere – still-waters, rivers and even the sea! There are plenty of Trout fisheries in the country and many other river venues […]

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How to tie the Hot Spot PTN (Pheasant Tailed Nymph)

Hook – #12-16 Nymph hook Thread – Brown 6/0 Weight – Optional brass, tungsten bead Thorax – Orange dubbing (could also be yellow, green and even red) Tail – Pheasant tail (center quill) Extra – Copper wire Step 1 Prepare your hook (#16) and tie in the copper wire. Step 2 Tie in a few barbs (usually between 5-10, depending on […]

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