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January 2018
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NEW Shelving Unit for rods and tackle

Order yours today here Storage for up to 6 rods and multiple reels, fly boxes and other paraphernalia. Shelves have lips to prevent reels rolling off. 5 hooks for your nets and vests. Simple to hang, just align the angled plank and affix firmly to your wall, then hang the unit. Rock Solid! A stunning […]

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Stocking at Kloofzight

Stocking and Venues in Gauteng

Below are some of the venues with in an hours drive of JHB where one can target trout. There has been some difficulty with permits and stocking post last years N.E.M.B.A. discussions but as of today all of these venues have replenished stocks. Where it is known I have added pricing information and also if […]

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Xplorer products 10-20% discounted till the 9th of May

Xplorer sent me a load of gear on consignment to display and sell at the recent Oxbow Mayday competition. To celebrate my son winning it ( proud Dad moment) I am carrying on their sale till close of business at 13:00 on Saturday the 9th of May, thereafter all unsold goods will be returned to […]

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