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November 2017
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How to tie the Hot Spot PTN (Pheasant Tailed Nymph)

Hook – #12-16 Nymph hook
Thread – Brown 6/0
Weight – Optional brass, tungsten bead
Thorax – Orange dubbing (could also be yellow, green and even red)
Tail – Pheasant tail (center quill)
Extra – Copper wire

Step 1

Prepare your hook (#16) and tie in the copper wire.

Step 2

Tie in a few barbs (usually between 5-10, depending on the size of the hook) of pheasant tail to form the tail.


Move the thread all the way to the where the thorax should start, about 1/3 from the eye of the hook.

Step 4

Wind the rest of the barbs round the hook, making sure you take note of the direction you wind it. Tie it down and trim the extra.

Step 5

Now wind the copper wire in the opposite direction that you used for the barbs, reason being this will secure the structure of the fly and tie down the barbs more thoroughly. Tie it down and trim the extra bits.

Step 6

Tie in some more barbs, about 10 stands will do nicely to form the wing case.

Step 7

Spin a thin noodle of orange dubbing for the thorax.

Step 8

All done! Take care to leave some space just behind the eye of the hook to tie in the final materials.

Step 9

Bend over the barbs to form wing case and tie it off.

Step 10

Trim off all the excess and whip finish. Done!

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