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January 2018
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Mouche - Ken Quick - 5-01

Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks

Tired of paying too much for good quality barbless hooks I embarked on an extensive search and now carry the Mouche Barbless Competition hooks – unbelievable value at R 45.00 per pack of 25.

There are 67 sizes and types to choose from.

You can see the full range and purchase them here.

Before I committed to bringing in a large order I spoke to a number of people I trust and who have far more knowledge about hooks and fly tying than I do.

They were in no particular order :

Gordon van der Spuy – Gordon has since ordered a few thousand hooks for his commercial fly tying and he will also be reselling them for me in the Cape.
He said ” I have been playing with your Mouche hooks for a few months now, first impressions are great, both in the vice and on the water. A good solid hook that is economical as well”

Ken Quick – Ken has over 30 years of fly tying experience and his feed back after tying on them and fishing them was enthusiastic. His flies can be seen on the Mouche FaceBook page. Ken also wrote me a long evaluation of the hooks which I will reproduce soon as a magazine format article.

Craig Richardson – just before going to work in the Seychelles for Flycastaways, told me that he couldn’t wait to get back to SA to tie on them and to fish them hard.

Gary Glen Young – he has had nothing negative to say at all and will be taking a few hooks for his fly boxes.

Evert Minaar – Chairman of Central Gauteng flyfishing – he told me
“First of all, thanks for the opportunity to fish the new Mouche hooks. I recently had the opportunity to fish the Mouche hooks, and was pleasantly surprised by their strength and durability.I tied some Vaal patterns on the Jig range and took them for some Vaal action, and really put them to the test. Even down to size 16 not one broke or bent open, more than what I can say about other Jig hooks on the local market. Initially I was concerned about the shorter point, but I didn’t have any problems at all.
I will most certainly use and recommend these hooks. Overall, a great hook! Well done Richard!”

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