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January 2018
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review by Ken Quick Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks

Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks review by Ken Quick

I recently received samples of the much anticipated Mouche Competition Barbless Hooks and immediately tied a few fies on them. I used them on the Vaal and Crocodile rivers, and I love them!

I landed a lot of Smallmouth Yellowfish and Mudfish on the Vaal and some Smallscale Yellowfish on the Crocodile. The hooks performed exceptionally well. The quality is superior to most other hooks I have used. They all have a large eye that makes fy changes a lot easier, especially in poor light.

Another thing that I enjoyed about them is that most of them have a straight point, which in my opinion, makes the hook set better.

Below is a list of the models I prefer, and why, as well as some pics of the fies that I tied on the Mouche Hooks.

Dry Fly – 8426, the size of the gape and the fact that they go down to a size 20

Wet Fly – 8433, the strength, I caught a few yellows on them and they are great, these are the best for small nymphs on the Vaal and – they stay sharp!

Jig – 6432, these are the strongest Jig hooks I’ve seen and the fact that they go down to a size 18 is great.

Klinkhammer – 8430, the shape of this hook makes it very versatile, I tied shuttlecock buzzers in size 14, a Klinkhammer in size 12 and a control fy in size 8. The larger sizes are great for control fies because of the length of the shank past the point of the hook which means your bead does not close the gape, and thus increases your chances of a hookup.

I haven’t had an opportunity to fish with the other hooks yet and have not been out for trout with them, but, I am confident that they are going to work well.

This is a great new product and I am sure that a lot of the competitive guys are going to go this route – I am for sure!

The price? I found it very fair – in the past I have used hooks which are more expensive, but the finish and quality cannot compare with the Mouche Hooks.

Ken Quick

Click the pictures for larger images.

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Mouche - Ken Quick - 2-01

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Mouche - Ken Quick - 5-01

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