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January 2018
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Vision Stock in store

For images please click on the hyperlinked name – a new window will open on the Vision website – NB I can order anything for you with a 10-14 day lead time.

Mega Bra: Getting plenty – The big sister of the family. Suitable for all of us who appreciate volume, beauty and functionality. A cross-breed between a fly fishing vest, a chest pack and a small day pack. Mega Bra has six zipper pockets in front, two inside and one in the back. Additionally, it has five mesh pockets and one large expandable rear pocket roomy enough for example for your shell jacket and lunch. Mega Bra has two integrated zingers and five D-rings (one for attaching your landing net). It is easily adjustable for every size and a short front YKK zipper and a buckle secure it when needed. The inside material of the vest is a strong mesh enabling proper ventilation. This multi-purpose combo is easy to put on and extra padding in the back makes it comfortable to wear during long fishing days.

Mycket Bra – One of our biggest hits for several years running. Our Mycket Bra proved that the truly functional chest pack is very practical for most situations and is here to stay. The Mycket Bra chest pack has important features like easy use pockets positioned in the centre of the chest to maintain freedom of movement. The height of the pack can be adjusted according to your needs.

  • Two large zippered front pockets
  • 3x Tippet pockets in front
  • Large zippered mesh pocket in front
  • 4X Pockets for pin on reels
  • Large zippered rear pocket
  • D-ring for landing net on back
  • YKK buckles and zippers
  • 2x D-rings in front
Aqua Day Pack – The new modified Aqua Day Pack is a totally waterproof backpack for your day trip to a fishing destination. It has a thinner and softer material than in the previous generation. Also, the color of the bag has been changed. It has inner and outer mesh pockets for smaller items and an elastic nylon string outside. You can easily expand this bag by attaching our Love Handles to the shoulder straps’ D-rings. Waterproof roll-down closing with quick-release buckles for easy use.
Size: 19,7” by 11.5” by 6.7” overall

Caribou – The Caribou vest has plenty of pockets, all well positioned and equipped with heavy-duty high quality zippers or Velcro. The nylon outer layer is durable and highly water-resistant. The shoulders have an extra layer made of a porous flexible material that distributes the weight perfectly.

  • Comfortable rib knit collar
  • Mesh lining for comfort
  • Four large zippered front pockets
  • Six pockets with Velcro closure on front
  • built in pin on reels
  • Large zippered rear pocket
  • D-ring for landing net on back



Cult – These 3- and 4- piece rods are a blast from the past. More and more you see this type of rod in the hands of hard core trout fisherman. Their deep, medium fast action is really made for fishing, not just casting as far as possible.

Nite – Vision is famous for its long term quality products. When we come up with something new it is always the result of a long history of development. To build a rod even better than our world famous 3Zone was a challenge. To make this in a four piece was an even bigger challenge. It took us several years but we did it. The new Nite is superior. It is well balanced, it has slim blanks and a very nice medium fast action.

Nite Catapult – This popular, fast action three (3) piece rod range will now cover even the lightest fishing situations. We made some light line weight versions which are great for Czech style nymphing and for places where you need long, drag free presentations. The heavier line weight rods got also a power kick as we modified them a bit. They are real canons for those who really need to cast further than the others…

Nite has a retro look with natural gray, non- sanded blanks and non-varnished joints. We have also used the same high quality aluminium reel seats as seen in our GTfour rods.

GT four: Never change a winning team! – For season 2012, we’ll introduce a special jubilee 9′ #5 rod. Only 95 pcs manufactured. Numbered rods with best components available. Dark blue blanks. Aluminium tubes with velvet cloth bags. Make sure that you’ll reserve yours in due time…

A famously popular rod. People all over the world have used our GT four for 6 years now – with reason. This year we gave it a minor face-lift and introduced one new model to the family.This medium-fast action green miracle is made of T-40 graphite and does almost everything you ask of it. Many anglers from the beginners to pros react spontaneously with a shout of joy to their first experience of its casting motion and feel. That’s even before they have their first fish on. This light and sensitive blank is ready to perform for you.


Koma – Save your money for fishing trips. Get yourself a reel that’s only low factor is the price. There are tens of thousands of Komas in action today. The die cast semi machined reel is dressed with a smooth drag, using three brake discs in size 11. By combining the body of 67 to the spool of 78 you’ll be able to mix and balance your gear as you wish. Hey, it works the other way around too!

  • Semi-machined aluminium reel
  • Easy change right/left wind
  • Smooth disc brake with large brake effect
  • Soft polyurethane handle
  • Available in black and champagne colours

´best trout reel´ – Todays Flyfisher 6/7 , England

Koma Plus – The established KOMA trout reel has become a benchmark product, setting the standard for design, performance and weight in full metal reels on a budget. Utilising the proved Koma skeleton, Koma PLUS has machined components and uprated parts, taking our trusted workhorse to a new level. As you’d expect, the PLUS finish is elegant and durable. Koma PLUS reels are Interactive with all other Koma trout models be it for versatility or for a Custom look!

  • Semi-machined aluminium reel
  • Easy change right/left wind
  • Smooth disc brake with large brake effect
  • Soft polyurethane handle
 CDC – Who says an ultra light reel cannot be durable and stable? Our new CDC is as light as a feather even with a full rim and mid-arbour design. The super smooth cork brake allows you to adjust it so silkily that you can play with even the thinnest tippets. The drag adjustment is on the handle side The mid-arbour spool gives you extra line capacity. CDC is the reel for hard-core trout fisherman. Available with luxury matt silver triple anodized surface or in gold.

  • Ultra lightweight reels
  • Smooth cork brake
  • Drag adjustment on handle side
  • Mid arbor spool for extra capacity
  • Soft polyurethane handle for maximum grip wet and dry
 GT – This triple anodised SW proof reel is machined from one piece of high guality aluminium. GT reels have our new line of styling. No wonder some people started to call this reel their soulmate. It comes in a tiny 2-4 weight up to size 11. The GT24 is a reel which has been requested for a long time. It does not have a disc brake as just a simple click provides enough brake to avoid fly line running loose. The GT 24 weighs only 82 grams.

  • Precision machined bar stock high-grade aluminium
  • Triple high gloss anodizing
  • Silent retrieve and subdued brake click
  • Extra smooth disc brake with large brake effect
  • Soft polyurethane handle for maximum grip wet and dry

Koma Kasette – Some fisherman felt that to complete the Koma range we needed a cassette reel. Well here it is. Look carefully. It does not look like a cassette reel but there it is. Easy to use and a nice looking reel. The salmon size is made with same design as our XLA 11.








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